About Niburi

Niburi is an Adult flash game in early development. Containing scenes of an adult and sexual nature.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hair and make up

So Zevi is working on the hair salon and beauty shop, then will have another look at the shop to get it working properly again.
Both her and me have had a proverbial smack in the face from life over the last week, after finally getting everything settled.
Bought and moved into a crappy little flat in a horrible area, Just about able to afford the mortage after sub letting a room, then the people who own the block of flats want to do some maintenance work and want us to pay £24,000. :( Thats about $36,000) So basically crap! Anyway Zevi will keep on coding while I spend a big chunck of my time trying to fight this as it would take me a few years just to earn that much, let alone save that much.

Anyway wish us luck :p

Friday, 26 June 2015

Hectic week, but progress nonetheless

Hello everyone :)

Been a hectic few days, Jazzer had a trip to A&E on Tuesday after some pains in the, uh, downstairs area and has been whacked out on painkillers since. He'll be alright, just needs some r&r and a course of antibiotics :p I've been looking after him so haven't got as much done as I probably would have liked, but hey, these things happen.

Key bindings are pretty much sorted, there was a small error with them after I first thought they were done but that's been ironed out and I'm moving on to adding some new content now (business district, hair salon). I've got a bit more content to add in some of the current areas as well. All in all things are going alright despite the current situation, and I'm hoping we can make some really good progress this weekend. I shall keep you all updated!


Monday, 22 June 2015


Hello all.
We started to worry that doing key bindings would require redoing all of the events. Luckily Zevi has now managed to crack the problem so she will be getting on with setting up the buttons for the evening. It's nearly 9pm here at the moment and I have only just managed to sit down and open up the laptop. I am going to try to finish off the home ec classes. 


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Another evening of work.

I am continuing to write things for the school.
There will be a registration fee to join and a further tuition charge for each lesson you take.
There are 6 different classes planned, finished the first and hopefully I will get the second one written tonight as well. Classes will add to your stats. (Useful when combat is added). There are also more feminine or manly classes so will altar that as well.
after you attend a class a few times you will then unlock the teacher. Who will then be in the staff room to visit and students who will be around the campus.

There is also going to be an explore action so you can get random events around the school.

The school won't be put in until combat and leveling has been put in.

Zevi is currently cracking on with linking up the keyboard to the buttons. I have just asked her how it is going, her reply was. 'I find it confusing.' She will get there though.

In other news the laptop I use to do most of my writing is slowly dying. It took 4 minutes to load chrome and open this page. To be fair though I bought the laptop from a second hand store and it was 7 years old. Just hope it doesn't die at the moment because I am broke :(

We will release 0.4 once the key bindings are done, The barbers are open and the Business district events are in.

After that is the combat system, leveling system and that's about it. We would then start looking to plow in the content.


We have finished for the night. I got about 2500 words done. Some mild spanking of a female student by a female teacher. (Remember the students are all 18 or above). Plus three other scenes for home economics done.
The general studies class is now finished. probably 4000 words done over 6 different scenes. that has a forced blowjob scene. Oh and a very dominating special female teacher. (the forced thing is only if you decide not to struggle).
Zevi is struggling with the key bindings, she has made some progress though.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Update 2015-06-12

Hello everyone :)

Apologies for the delay in getting an update out, as Jazzer has already mentioned we've been super busy at work and moving house really took its toll on our free time, but we're basically all settled now and getting back into the swing of things.

Good news though is that there's a new update! The main updates in this one are bug fixes, the addition of the Inn in the Market area, and the ability to save and load progress. The clothing shop is undergoing a complete overhaul, so until then all items in it are priced at 0 to avoid the bug that was overcharging. Hopefully I can get that sorted soon and get another update out for you all :)

Content-wise there's a couple of new scenes in the Inn, including a male/male scene for those of you who were keen for us to include that. More of that to come later as well.

But anyway, here's the link:

Download here


- Addition of save and load feature
- Bug which displayed futa text for female in Herm's Den back alley scene has been fixed.
- Scrollbar now resets to top when displaying next page
- A phrase during an event in a Slums Tavern has been tweaked to no longer refer to the PC as a male irrespective of gender
- Breast size now has a maximum of G-cup, continuing to consume items that increase it will have no effect
- Pussy size now has a minimum of 2 inches, continuing to consume items that decrease it will have no effect
- Brothel job that specified a female but could be accepted by a male has been fixed and is now only acceptable by a female PC
- All items in clothing shop are currently priced at 0 Gold until a bug involving the shop overcharging is solved
- Travel is now disabled in the wardrobe and shops
- New Area! The Inn, located in the Market district, is now available
- PC now starts with more gold

Thursday, 11 June 2015

We have internet!!!!

Seems forever since I got on the blog. Ok to give you a brief recap as we found it nearly impossible to get on the internet over the past few weeks. (Or at least get on the internet somewhere where we would feel comfortable coming on the blog.)

Basically me and Zevi have moved, due to SKY (our internet provider) lying about us being able to use the existing broadband until the fibre was installed, we had to wait weeks before any internet was available.

Our files are stored on dropbox and after we found out that we couldn't get on the internet in our new place we had to then go to a friends place and download all of the files. (Realized after that dropbox keeps the latest copies on the computer anyway. That was a face palm moment.).

Anyway we have been continuing development, unfortunately there is a very odd bug with the shop which has taken up a fair chunk of zevis time. Each time you click on a different clothing tab in the shop it would stack all of the items costs. Scoured the code and couldn't figure it out so required a complete recode, she's hopefully putting the finishing touches on it now. That's also why we didn't manage to get the release out before the move.

Anyway wanted to get on here as soon as I could to give an update and to apologise for the delay, Really wanted to get an update out before all of this stuff happened.

As we have now moved and I have finally calmed the massive fires where I work, which was taking up a lot of both of our time we can now bring our guns to bare on the game again.

Expect some hefty progress in the next month or so. I have a few days off work so will be writing a LOAD of new content. Will talk about that later.

Fingers crossed the new update will be out shortly........I really really hope it is. :(


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tired :(

Sorry for the lack of update over the last few weeks, been hectic beyond belief for a few weeks. Were having a work day today so we should have something out later today. Hopefully things will calm down and we will have a bit more free time to work on the game.