About Niburi

Niburi is an Adult flash game in early development. Containing scenes of an adult and sexual nature.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tired :(

Sorry for the lack of update over the last few weeks, been hectic beyond belief for a few weeks. Were having a work day today so we should have something out later today. Hopefully things will calm down and we will have a bit more free time to work on the game.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saving and loading

Good progress today, I have save & load working in a fairly basic state, just need to spend a bit more time coding and testing before it's release-ready.

I don't know whether save files will work between different versions of the game yet, so I'm going to try and pack a whole load of content into the next release so that there's a fair bit to play with until I (hopefully) get that sorted.

Jazzer has been cracking on with writing more stuff for the market and inn, amongst other bits.

We'll keep you all updated, but for now things are going well! :)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Update 2015-03-23 (v0.1)

Here we go, wardrobe update and a few other little bits and bobs!

Niburi v0.1

What's been changed/added:
  • Buttons and background images are now vectors so shouldn't pixelate when increasing screen size
  • The 'Next' button has been moved, meaning you can click through quickly without missing choices
  • Market area available with a couple of explore events
  • Fruit and Veg salesman has been moved to the market
  • Wardrobe system implemented. Change your clothes using the wardrobe in your bedroom at home
  • Clothing shop added to market area, here you can buy a small range of basic clothing and underwear. Any purchases are sent to your wardrobe automatically
  • Upon first transformation you are given new clothes. These are now added to your wardrobe if you don't already own them

Next priorities:
  • Mapping buttons to keyboard
  • Save/Load
  • Skip intro button
  • Clothing tweaks (affecting attractiveness score etc)
  • Combat system

Wardrobe Preview

Okay, I know it's been a while, but nearly there with the wardrobe and clothing shop! It's been such a pain to implement, sooooo many errors along the way, but now that the core of it is basically done it'll be easy to add new clothing later. The stuff at the moment is quite basic, but expect there to be much more in later releases, this is going to be something that's constantly updated really.

In terms of coding difficulty, this has been one my biggest hurdles yet, but over the last few weeks I've learnt so much that I should be able to pick up some momentum after this. I'm beginning to be able to write better, more concise code for what I want to implement, so this should help in getting new stuff out quicker since it's easier to write and test.

But yeah, coding waffle over. Here's a preview of what the wardrobe looks like:

Clothes are organised into tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, and shoes. There's a page for each in the wardrobe, and it's just click the button to change what you're wearing (although clothes do have to be purchased first from the clothing store)!

I'm hoping to have it done by tonight, it's not a huuuge update, but if things go alright I'll try and squeeze some content in as well.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Work Day

Me and Zevi are going to be working hard today to get as much done as possible. Zevi is continuing her work on the clothing system. Remember this isn't just adding a wardrobe in the players room it's also adding shops and clothing icons as well.
Meanwhile I am going to be finishing off one of the maids story lines, I am up to the fourth scene with her, so far you have learnt not to speak unless spoken to, following her instructions to the letter and crawling around on all fours, she rewards you with a collar for your good behavior. I am hoping to get the other 4 or 5 scenes for her done today . You will end up being forced to cross dress and being humiliated verbally and sexually by her. If you aren't interested in that sort of thing the first two scenes you can walk out from and you just don't have to work for her if you don't want to.

Depending on how I do with that I will start on the family looking for a maid, The Family has a swinging mum and dad, a spoilt daughter and a gay son. So a lot of variety in that one.

Will update on the progress later.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Progress Update

Sorry for not updating sooner, it's been slow progress the last few weeks but starting to get there now. Mainly been working on clothing stuff, getting the wardrobe to work and being able to purchase clothes from shops and have them available in the wardrobe, was a massive pain to start with but getting there now. It's fairly time consuming but once it's done we'll be able to easily add new clothing items in future updates.

Jazzer is busy writing as usual, working on the various aspects of the maid job system which will also hopefully make it into the next release.

Thanks for your patience everyone, sorry I don't have anything to show at the moment but we're getting there, I promise.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Demo release

First off, thanks everyone for your patience. I know we were meant to have this out a couple of days ago and I thought I had it ready but when Jazzer played through it there were still a few issues so we've spent a bit of time trying to iron those out first.

Systems added/changed

- Interface has been updated with a new background, buttons, and more readable fonts.
- Map has been added to enable movement between areas
- Sleep function, this is what prompts transformation upon hitting a certain femininity score
- Time and day system
- Libido increases over time and in response to certain events

Content added

- Merchant in residential area selling items that increase/decrease your cock/pussy size
- Explore function to prompt random events in areas (some are sex scenes, others not)
- Brothel is accessible where you can work or hire someone's services
- Slums Tavern is accessible and explorable
- Herm's Den is accessible and explorable, and drinks can be purchased here that alter your femininity
- Marketa's house is accessible, bedroom and bathroom usable
- Lower Town is accessible and explorable
- Residential area is accessible and explorable
- Transformation scenes
- Town crier in residential area who can tell you some more information about the city

Anyway, hope you all enjoy it, looking forward to hearing feedback.


Fixed prostitute jobs. You should get paid now and fixed a typo.
Fruit and veg salesman is now fixed.
Demo 0.04