About Niburi

Niburi is an Adult flash game in early development. Containing scenes of an adult and sexual nature.


Friday, 8 December 2017

Title for an update

Hello everyone.

Decided to tweak the combat and everything related to it. Spent quite a while on it including 4 hours banging my head against a coding wall as it would constantly crash at startup.

Eventually figured out that Renpy had taken a recovered chunk of code and duplicated it and was using that as well as the one I had been editing. Not happy.

Anyway so combat, as it's only one player against one enemy it might get a bit repetitive and have no tactical value. Have spent a lot of time trying to add some interesting elements.

The coding is very complex, here is the basics of it though.

Each round of combat you have the chance to pick an attack skill (You learn more later as you level up).
This has increased power or more inaccurate.
Enemies pick one randomly out of their skill pool.

Equipped armour and the type of weapon being used also changes the odds of a successful hit.

This is the attack power skill, the strength of the weapon and the strength of the character.
Armour then takes some of the damage.
As you level up you have to train that particular skill by training. You probably can't afford to do all skills on each level so you will have to prioritise.

Does this make any sense??

To put it simply if you train in Strength, buy full plate armour and have a two-handed axe. You won't be hitting a nimble enemy.

If you chose a small dagger and use accurate little attacks you will always hit, but if the enemy is using plate armour. You won't hurt them.

I am hoping this will add an element of strategy to things. You are also free from running from combat without a problem. Will set up most areas with similarly specced enemies so you will get to know what equipment too equip.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hello Again

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon or whenever you read this.

Managed to have a solid day at it today.
There are now 10 prostitute jobs you can do, depending on the criteria.
The sex shop is in, just not the toys. Might get time tonight to do that or will do Andria's milk dungeon. Or sleep not sure yet.

Oh, I also did the library and Patricia the snooty Librarian. Eventually, she will be added as a potential romance option (Only for female characters)., once the school is added in. Oh yeah, there is a whole school that is almost written, with loads of content.

Content is starting to be added in very quickly.
Just shy of 50k words in total. It is a bit more depressing when the already written scenes mean I am not even a 1/6 of the way through.

The weird thing is I can't remember how much was in the original Rags version. Was Andrias dungeon a thing? I can't remember.

Here is a shot from the Library

Anyway, we are getting there. The release is approaching soonish. I will announce when we start the tidying up to make sure it plays right and no crashes.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Brain is Melting!

All the mechanics for the prostitute jobs are in. Simpler than I thought. YAY! Unfortunately all the notepad files for the jobs themselves had been edited for use in flash, so having to go through and delete a lot of coding from them. It's sooooo tedious.

Just continuing to enter in the jobs, might not to all of them. Maybe 10 for now I'm on the fifth one now.

It's slowly starting to come together as a playable game....with some backgrounds that look like they're from south park :)

Thats Raven btw the owner of the Brothel. I am going to tentatively say there is about 40 - 50 hours of work to do before a release, as I can't really foresee any major hurdles. (Please remember We both work full time).
That should include the following areas:
Residential area - done
Lower Town - done
Slums Tavern - done
Herms Den - done
Brothel (Prostitute Jobs) - 50% done
City Gates - done
Forest 0%
Market 0%
Opening 80% (Needs tweaking)
Clothing shop and wardrobe with character viewer.
Upper town 0%
Business District 0%
Transformation to Futa and female - done
Castle 0%

It's basically just putting in scenes for these.

We have a lot of character artwork done, for speediness sake, I might put these in after release. The same as the storylines.
The reason the areas are being done instead of the storylines is that it just makes sense as you have to go to these areas to do the story stuff.


Sunday, 26 November 2017

This week on "oh my god are you done yet" :)

Just finished getting a very basic quest system done. Because it's Renpy and you will almost definitely skip through important information.

Going to release it with A LOT of placeholder images. As in blobs of characters just so it can be looked at by you guys. A lot of character drawings have been done, just not coloured and highlighted will get a fair few of those in though.

Game Mechanics completed:

Transformation, you can turn from a male to a female with a Futa inbetween, all scenes for that are done and working.
All your attributes change as well and that's all sorted.
How to trigger explore events are done.
Maps are all done so you can travel to different areas.
Time of day system is done. You automatically go back to your room for sleep, it doesn't impact events.
The players Description is done, as well as varying and random text based on your appearance. A twelve inch dong might be Massive, Enormous Gargantuan. This text also changes in sex scenes.
Game Help system- In the help section of the main menu it tells you about the mechanics of the game. rather than telling you how Renpy works.
Characters will appear in different locations depending on the time of day.

Game mechanics that need a tweak or polishing, but basically done:
Clothing. We are redrawing the base model and clothing so it looks a bit better. The mechanics to buy clothes, they unlock in your wardrobe. They are then displayed on your character in your wardrobe in real time. This also changes some of your stats and your description.

Combat. the basics of Combat, leveling up etc is all done, enemies are all programmed and the random encounters also places you back where you fought them. This will just need balancing, and going through it a few times until we're happy.

Still to do
Weapons and Armour - This is a quick one just need to use almost identical coding to the clothing system, it is already integrated with combat.
Usable Items - This is not a heavy item use game so will make a fairly quick system
Prostitute jobs system - Might be complicated, might be easy.
Um, that's pretty much it for the mechanics, It's just a case of getting in the content and making sure it all works. I really want to give an estimate for initial release......Until all the mechanic's stuff is done I can't as you never know what colan could literally kill progress for a day :)

Going to try getting the Brothel in and working tonight. This will include a very quick sketch of the room and a dark room with a bed.

Oh if you have any questions let me know

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

What are we up to this week

Me (Jazzer) is currently doing some quick placeholder backgrounds. While also finishing off all of the Aunt Marketa poses. (That's very clothing options etc, with different expressions).
After that I 'm going to finish off the clothing store and add in a fair few options for character clothing.

Zevviathan is drawing some scenes. She is drawing the various Isabella scenes, only one more to line art and then she will go onto some random bits of art that needs doing.

On a weird side note the "new game" is called Niburi Rebirth. Will start a new blog up at some point.
Until then i'll add random bits of info and the first couple of releases will be on here.

For the initial release, not sure how much we are going to put in. As I said before most of the core mechanics are now working, you have no idea how tough it was to learn programming from scratch.

For people who played the original in RAGS it is not like a VN and it isn't as clunky as the RAGS interface.
Combat is as interesting as I think it can and needs to be. As you level up you can increase your stats by visiting the gym, Dojo and learning new skills to use in combat. Losing results in an optional sex scene as does winning. New Weapons and Armour can be purchased in the Market to increase your stats.
We are aiming for combat to be fairly quick and not a long grind.

On a side note thankyou for the positive messages we really appreciated it.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

What do you title this as?

Been putting a lot of work into this over the last few months and will add a few pics.
Quick breakdown
Got bogged down with the coding in flash. (Fen will understand this problem).
After months of trouble with it, we abandoned it for a while until we could think of something else.
Then tried RPG maker, A few hours of gameplay was coded, but upon testing it...it just played like an RPG maker Game (so not well). Plus halfway through development RPG maker MV was released.

Then looked at RENPY, after a lot of learning got the base coding implemented/ it plays well and we've been building up the art for quite a while.
We are now getting close enough and have quite a lot of assets and coding is done for the base game.
Think of it as a hybrid between a visual novel and a RPG. The city and world has complete freedom and you move around by clicking on the environment, then opening a city or world map.

This is the unpolished player room.

There is a dressup element with a character viewer. You can change hairstyles etc and it all shows up.

Combat is working and uses a weird system where your maximum stats increase. So on level 2 your maximum Strength will go from 5 to 10. You have to go to the gym to actually increase it though.

Loads of new stuff has been written. Probably up to the 300,000 word count now.

The artwork is ok for now, this is the sister.

A lot of characters have been done and in the process of adding expressions to them. As well as naked, wearing just underwear etc.

Heres the world map. Well the area around the city map.

Was tempted to look at doing some animated sex scenes. But that may take a lot longer to get something out so might look at that later down the line.

I know it's really frustrating that we didn't post in a stupidly long time, but after a while you get annoyed at yourself and quite frankly a bit embarrassed that we weren't able to do it.

We are over that now and I have some time off over the next few weeks. I will probably but out a Demo version, just so whoever still goes on here knows that work is actually happening. Due to testing and bugs and stuff won't overfill with content. Probably just the intro, a few areas and a bit of combat and a few sex scenes.

From now on I will post updates in here at least once a week.

So I am expecting rants annoyed people, disappointed people. If I get any yay its not dead, then i'm happy. If anyone is still occasionally actually reading this. Hello!