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Monday, 8 January 2018

Ergh Flu

In the last week and a half, I had to pick up a load of extra shifts at work as someone had pneumonia, followed by me catching something called the Aussie flu.
On the mend now so will resume working on the game, but I got virtually nothing done so behind schedule now :(

Starting working again this evening, but will probably have an early night as I am still quite sleepy.



Zevi here - I'm behind schedule from increased work hours this week (see above), but have managed to fully proofread the sister lust route and the sewers scenes. The opening scenes (up to where you first reach Marketa's house) are almost done as well. Hopefully with Jazzer on the mend now we'll get properly back into the swing of things.

Zevi xoxo

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

What's Next

So the first release is out and I know it is buggy, so no need for any bug reports.

I have added some new pages, which shows what is planned for the next update and how far away it is.
The Market is a buggy mess so that is getting my love today, the clothes shop has been programmed, with all the existing clothing that was in the release. You buy them there and they turn up in your wardrobe.
I have just added 5 pairs of shoes which are all in now, I am going to add some hair accessories and then move onto other things.

The initial release had around 70k words (I forgot to make a note of the exact amount) I did a lot of scene entries on the 25th and 26th and it's now creeping up to 85k.

Zevi has been doing mostly proofreading, as I tend to type faster than my brain thinks meaning my spelling is atrocious.

Not sure when the next version will be out, but things are going in quickly now.

Hope you all had a great Xmas and thank you for the support.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Niburi Pre-Alpha Download

In hindsight, it was a bit stupid to do this over Christmas, but it's sort of done.....a bit.

This is more of a mechanics release, everything should work. For ease, there is a cheat menu in the chest in your room.

I wanted to test the Weapons out a bit more so give them a wide berth for now.

In the Wardrobe in the bedroom, we unlocked the pants and tops so you can see that in action.
Other clothing is drawn, just haven't had time to code it yet.

Anyway, this is probably buggy and a better release should be out in the next few weeks.

Merry Xmas everyone

Jazzer & Zevi

MAC Release
PC Release

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas

We've been working as much as possible today, with the exception of annoying friends and family stuff. Ergh I hate Christmas.
Been running through and some areas have been proofread by Zevvi, but the amount of text we just can't do it all so expect a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes.

A few areas that were done we haven't had time to bug test and just making sure the first part of the Sister content is incorrectly. (For instance the docks aren't accessible.)
Also won't get time to put in the sex scenes for enemies so will leave them as a placeholder, but the mechanics are all in.
Ditto the clothing will just be available from the start as we won't have time to fully implement and test the clothing shop.
It's nearly 10pm here atm so have got a couple of hours to get as much sorted and will hopefully put something out then.

So hopefully in a few hours I will update again with a download link.


Annoyingly as we were uploading to mega it for some reason added a load of temp files to it. It's 1:30 am here so will do it tomorrow. Sorry guys

Monday, 18 December 2017

Addressing comments

Get the feeling people don't want to wait for a few more days. That's good and bad from our point of view.

Don't worry it is getting there, I have now put in the first chapter of the Aunts story. Some of the Sisters stuff is done as well. The plan is to bang in as much content in the next couple of days and then start testing it.
We're planning on getting the first chapter of the sister route in by Tuesday night.
Add in some more of the main storyline and then start combing through it looking for anything game breaking.

At the rate content is going in there is often in excess of 2000 words per hour. Every hour I spend on putting it in is a LOT of content.

It will also be a lot easier to test all at once, so it's about efficiency basically.

The Christmas release is an OMG everything is broken release date. Might be earlier if there isn't too much to fix. I will promise Christmas day. I want it released before that though

Meet Marketa,

I have just finished a long old shift at work. I should be able to crack on for a good 5 - 6 hours and maybe get the sister stuff done early. We shall see. :)


Friday, 15 December 2017

Update Time

Jazzer & Zevi here
In honesty, we planned last week to have the Demo out today. I test played a few times and although loads of events etc were in it just felt a bit empty.

So good and bad news.
Bad news Release will be put off for a bit longer while we put in some more bits and pieces. When I say bits I mean a lot of stuff.

Good News.
This isn't really a delay, just adding LOADS of content, very quickly. The main story is basically where the Rags version was. I am now blitzing through the Aunt and Isabella stuff as well. Do we say when we want a release out?
Is it that time?

Christmas Day.

That gives us 10 days to get in as much as possible. Will probably stop adding content a few days before and start testing it.
So failing a MASSIVE emergency it will be out then. Will keep you guys posted and start making a list of scenes that you can get as I am pretty sure there were some events that no one ever saw.
(Did anyone ever get the Futa Amazonian gangbang, then got rescued by one of them?)

(Testing is a nightmare due to your character stats and past events and what you decide to do at the time creating so many options).

Bugs will be a nightmare.

Hopefully, this will be a nice Christmas present for those of you who want to sit and play a porn game on Christmas day......I probably will.

Jazzer & Zevi

P.S Here is Fat Betty

Friday, 8 December 2017

Title for an update

Hello everyone.

Decided to tweak the combat and everything related to it. Spent quite a while on it including 4 hours banging my head against a coding wall as it would constantly crash at startup.

Eventually figured out that Renpy had taken a recovered chunk of code and duplicated it and was using that as well as the one I had been editing. Not happy.

Anyway so combat, as it's only one player against one enemy it might get a bit repetitive and have no tactical value. Have spent a lot of time trying to add some interesting elements.

The coding is very complex, here is the basics of it though.

Each round of combat you have the chance to pick an attack skill (You learn more later as you level up).
This has increased power or more inaccurate.
Enemies pick one randomly out of their skill pool.

Equipped armour and the type of weapon being used also changes the odds of a successful hit.

This is the attack power skill, the strength of the weapon and the strength of the character.
Armour then takes some of the damage.
As you level up you have to train that particular skill by training. You probably can't afford to do all skills on each level so you will have to prioritise.

Does this make any sense??

To put it simply if you train in Strength, buy full plate armour and have a two-handed axe. You won't be hitting a nimble enemy.

If you chose a small dagger and use accurate little attacks you will always hit, but if the enemy is using plate armour. You won't hurt them.

I am hoping this will add an element of strategy to things. You are also free from running from combat without a problem. Will set up most areas with similarly specced enemies so you will get to know what equipment too equip.