About Niburi

Niburi is an Adult flash game in early development. Containing scenes of an adult and sexual nature.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Demo release

First off, thanks everyone for your patience. I know we were meant to have this out a couple of days ago and I thought I had it ready but when Jazzer played through it there were still a few issues so we've spent a bit of time trying to iron those out first.

Systems added/changed

- Interface has been updated with a new background, buttons, and more readable fonts.
- Map has been added to enable movement between areas
- Sleep function, this is what prompts transformation upon hitting a certain femininity score
- Time and day system
- Libido increases over time and in response to certain events

Content added

- Merchant in residential area selling items that increase/decrease your cock/pussy size
- Explore function to prompt random events in areas (some are sex scenes, others not)
- Brothel is accessible where you can work or hire someone's services
- Slums Tavern is accessible and explorable
- Herm's Den is accessible and explorable, and drinks can be purchased here that alter your femininity
- Marketa's house is accessible, bedroom and bathroom usable
- Lower Town is accessible and explorable
- Residential area is accessible and explorable
- Transformation scenes
- Town crier in residential area who can tell you some more information about the city

Anyway, hope you all enjoy it, looking forward to hearing feedback.


Fixed prostitute jobs. You should get paid now and fixed a typo.
Fruit and veg salesman is now fixed.
Demo 0.04


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

4 cans of energy drink and an ideas pad.

It's nearly midnight here and I am on my fourth large can of MONSTER. So 2 litres of energy drink, feeling a bit hyper at the moment.
Before the demo is done Zevi has to input about 6 more events, polish up the interface and the fonts. Then we have to go through the scenes and set everything up so that they are only accessible if you meet certain criteria. then add in the stats changes for the events.

I have cracked out around 5000 words again tonight and writing wise the city is becoming quite full.
Just as an idea of new things that have been written, but they may not be in the demo, some will be though;

  • Perform oral on an old man or large lady for a few gold.
  • The intro for the royal family.
  • Get searched by the guards in the castle.
  • Entertain some guards in the barracks.
  • A sexy gym cougar, who you can have some fun with in the showers.
  • See a secret agent in the herms den.
  • A newly engaged woman has some fun with you under the table at the NEW inn.
  • Help a woman who is getting mugged, you can ask for payment.
  • Wait for the plumber at your aunts house. 
  • Husband asks for you to sleep with his younger wife while he watches.
There are plenty more scenes that have been written this is just a random selection. On my ideas pad I have got some interesting things jotted down. One of the biggest things that I had never thought of was a glory hole. Public toilets will probably be put in the docks :)

I am planning on another big writing session tomorrow. Once Zevi has all of the coding done there will be fairly frequent updates. Here is a rough order of what we want before we officially call this the BETA

  • Market district. This also involves adding a wardrobe and clothes. (The new Inn is there as well.)
  • Business District. Hairstyles will be added at this point as well as make up.
  • Castle. This includes the library and the city guard jobs.
  • Upper Town
  • Docks
  • City Gates
  • Forest. First enemies and combat system
After that we will start implementing the romance able characters stories and the main story lines in conjunction with new scenes in existing areas and  new combat areas.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nearly there

Some good work done this weekend. Jazzer has done a lot of new writing - explore events, fleshing out areas of the city.

Meanwhile I've been putting in and testing the transformation scenes, which, dare I say it, seem to be working just fine. The fruit and veg merchant is in there now as well, which will allow you to change certain attributes for a small cost.

There's a bit more that we want to put in before it's ready for a demo release but we're getting closer and closer to that point now so hopefully it won't be too long til it's ready to share with you all.

Thanks everyone for your patience and we'll keep you updated with the progress.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sooo Sleepy

Been a very busy week for me and Zevi both at work and working on the game.  Personally I have written a ton of new content, too many to list and I haven't been keeping count.
The introduction to the royal family,
A woman who nearly suffocates you with her strong thighs,
Being randomly searched by guards who enjoy it a little bit too much.
There are loads more. I have easily done at least 20 hours of solid writing this week. So loads of stuff has been written.

A demo will hopefully be coming sooner rather than later. We are calling it a demo due to the lack of certain core aspects of the game. Such as clothing/combat etc. There will however, be plenty of content to get your teeth into. Anyway it is nearly 11pm here and I am starting work at 6:30am.

From this point on we will update the blog more than once a week. Hopefully every day to let everyone know how far away the demo is.

Zevi will edit this post once she finishes up her stuff for the night.

Edit:  Lots of coding work this week, transformation stuff is basically done now, time and day system is implemented and working so far. Brothel added and some brothel content added, a prostitute for hire and a few prostitute jobs you can do.

As Jazzer said, we're going to try and update the blog more often, even if it's just little progress updates. Demo soon! Assuming I don't break the game with a single line of code ;p

Anyways, good night everyone, it's been a productive day, but I shall be up early as well to help Jazzer out at work so it's definitely sleepytime for me now. Will update again in the morning probably when I can think a bit more clearly, we're both completely burnt out. Sunday is the day we both don't have work so we tend to spend the entire day writing and coding, it's been a busy week though so it's taken its toll a bit.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Progress Update - 2015-01-18

Lots been happening this week, many hours have been spent in front of the screen but they're really beginning to pay off now. Both Jazzer and I have probably spent 30 hours (each!) on this during the past week, on top of our full-time jobs.


The map system is finished! Only a few areas are currently included, but now that the framework is there, expansion shouldn't be difficult. It's just adding all the content that can be time-consuming at times, although I have been teaching Jazzer how to code events so that I can add them in more quickly, this will help speed up our progress quite a bit.

I've also finished the function for displaying breast/cock size as well as a random size-linked descriptor. Instead of just "6 inch cock" it'll now be along the lines of "moderate 6-inch cock" or "average 6-inch cock". Same goes for breast sizes!

Jazzer has been working on more prostitute jobs, checking through transformation scenes, and helping out a bit with some basic coding.  Quite a bit of content has been implemented ready for the demo, although there's still plenty more still to go in, we're just cracking on with it and getting it done as quickly and thoroughly as we can.

The main to-do list for the demo now is sorting out the transformations, shops, inventory system, time/day stuff and a few other bits and bobs. We're getting there!

Thanks for voting in the polls, keep an eye out for new ones up soon. All the votes help us to better understand you all and what you'd all like to see in the game, so the input is much appreciated.

Until next week,


P.S. Here's a sneak preview of what the map is going to look like (still needs some polishing, but we'll get to that later):

The glowing square is the one the cursor was over, unfortunately the screenshot didn't capture the cursor so this isn't really evident. Hovering over a location tells you what it is in the lower-right corner, clicking the location takes you there.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekly update

Weekly Update
We are currently working on events for the Demo. The areas I have listed is not all that has been written on and not all of them are new.

Some events need polishing, or setup to be repeat events.

Lower town - 9 events
Herms Den - 6 events
Slums tavern - 5 events
Residential district - 6 events
Prostitute jobs - 17 events

To do, Work on all three transformation scenes and set up a few more repeatable events.
Other than that the writing aspect is pretty much sorted.

From a programming point of view Zeviathan has been hard at work on the map. She has added and done the spell/grammar check for over half of the events for the demo.
The map system is working and she will hopefully get the other areas for the demo programmed soon.
She has also started programming the day/night cycle as some events will only happen at those times.

So basically loads has been done in the last week. I am only listing the stuff for the next update and not random bits and pieces that have been done. Also there are some new polls up which I do use as a baseline on what to add.

Jazzer and Zevi

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Where are we going?

So, the progress report page has been updated to reflect our current progress.

I've been working on the coding for the map system today and have pretty much got it down, just need to draw up the entire map on Flash now and link it all up to the coding. Quick sketch below to just give you all an idea of quite how much there is going to be in the city. (This doesn't even cover the areas outside the city, all to come at a later date)

Meanwhile, Jazzer has been writing some new explore events, including a scene involving a particularly dominant woman. Thanks everyone for voting on the polls, keep voting so we know what content you'd like to see!