About Niburi

Niburi is an Adult Rags based adventure game featuring transformations, Sex and some other weird stuff.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

What is dead may never die.

First of all sorry for disappearing for a while, real life stuff and the complexity of working with flash and the pure scale of the task was a bit too much for me to handle.

So good news everyone, for the past few weeks I have been taking the game apart piece by piece. Organising everything and writing some additional bits of content. To help with the load I now have a partner in crime to help me.

She will be coding and programming (yes a she). While I will focus on writing and making sure targets are met and generally communicating with anyone still following the game.

In terms of progress with the current build it is still in the very early stages, so don't expect an alpha until the demo is complete which could be a while.

I am also hoping to make this a highly polished game, so designing everything to be very easy to use and appealing is top priority at the moment.

Long term plans is once the demo is up and running and updates are being released I will look to get this onto Offbeatr. This will allow me to hire someone to design an interface, as well as an artist to draw some pictures for the game.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Update on Flash

Here is the main interface which will be in the game. It is quite big and chucky, prefer that myself. Feedback is welcome on the colours and button sizes etc.
I am continuing to code and working on getting all of the intro stuff out of the way. Will probably put out a proof of concept as a VERY early alpha just so I know that it works on other computers.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


After spending ages on the Rags system I have decided to redesign the game on Java. The reason is the user interface on RAGS is terrible. I am working on it and will put up some occasional screens and update on the progress of the coding.

Expect a very friendly user interface. I want the keypad to control your movement and the number keys to control all the basic functions..

As I get nearer the time for a rough Alpha I will start polling again.

Thankyou guys for your patience.

P.S if anyone fancies helping me on coding this I would be very grateful :)

Monday, 14 January 2013


First of all REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for inactivity. When I moved my PC stayed at home and I just bought my laptop with me. 3 days later it died. Went home for Christmas and bought my PC back with me, which means;
a) I can continue development
b) Have access to the internet without using someone else's computer.

Obviously with b, I couldn't really access the forums or go on here, anyway I am currently going through all of the game and redoing the code. There is also quite a few events which I managed to write while on public computers. Expect a new update in a while though as I will release a fully upgraded and bug free game.

Anyway again I apologize for my absence. I will check back on here on a regular basis though I wont spend too much time on the forums as I don't want to start bumping the old thread until a release is ready.

Hope everyone had a great xmas and new year

Monday, 24 September 2012

I have updated the 'How can I help section.' Check it out and let me know if you want to help.

As the last post got confused with bug reports I want to ask again. Is it worth me putting up a link to paypal for donations and commissions? The game hasn't been going too long, though I think there is a lot of content in already. Give me honest feedback.

Sister route now has a nice little ribbon around it. From the votes more customization was wanted, so say hello to the new Barbers/Hairdressers. I have a nice long list of things to do though I may get on with proof reading existing text.

From this point on I am preparing for 1.0 release. This means no bugs, improved and more logical appendage losses/gains. Almost no typos or other such things.

Things to polish.

Add descriptions to allow 0.5 inches (50%)
Update existing scenes to include some hair/clothes. (0%)
Typos etc. (10%)
Change enemy encounters, allow for explore function. (10%)
Fix the flee bug so you cannot infinitely escape. (0%)
Redo all triggers (5%)
Add some additional timers. (5%)

If there is anything else to polish off the content let me know

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Have redone some of the sister triggers. There is now also a hairdressers which has opened up near the city entrance. They will affect your various stats. I now plan on doing the following and will release a new version once complete.

I hate the sister route now, it has caused so many problems. I have just spent 15 mins testing it thoroughly. There was no reason for it not to work, a command wasn't increasing her futa score which I use to keep track of how many times you have done it with her. I just remade the exact same command and it is suddenly working.

Here is the latest fixed version. Note the orc is encounter-able by hitting explore in the outskirts area. I am saying this is a stable version, no more bugs. From this point on I am making sure that everything is thoroughly tested by either myself or a beta tester before release. Again apologies for bugs.


Short term plans.

Finish Alex Route
Complete Slime events
Spelling checks. (Mainly for the new sister stuff.)
Some new futa chars, which prefer to receive than give. (As requested.)
Will add some new clothes.
Several prostitute jobs, who like slutty blondes for instance.
Explore added to slums, depending on attributes different things will happen.

I am also thinking about setting up a paypal account for donations/requests. I would use donations (if any) to:

Firstly not have to get a part time job. Thus would have more time to work on the game.

Secondly to commission some custom art.

Thirdly I would love to have writing contests and reward winners with their scene in the game and a gift certificate. (Probably steam.)

Would anyone actually donate/commission?

Saturday, 22 September 2012



Ok it should all be working, I quickly tested it and the scenes appears. I will now be sleeping here is 0.95d. Again really sorry guys.

Sister route should now be fixed, sorry for bugs.

(Potentially buggy release).

Multiple scenes added at end of the new sister route.
BJ, Handjob, Titjob,
Special scene 1
69, BJ 2, Thigh fuck,
Special scene 2
Anal, Riding.

These scenes are all repeatable except the special scenes. Once you have done several scenes with your sister a special scene appears, unlocking the next tier.

Your sisters size can increase by giving her a green slime. You will get the option if you are carrying one and meet her in the cellar. (At the moment you can only carry one item at a time.)

Once you progress to the next tier both sets of events are available.

Small Dagger issues fixed
Losing to slime no longer produces an error
taking advantage of Amazonian decreases fem score